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"We had Mother’s Day brunch at the Barn at Gibbett Hill about 10 years ago because my mother, who is now 89, had always wanted to go. The weather was perfect, the food was typically outstanding and we had a fabulous time and made wonderful memories." ~ Jim O. 

"My girlfriend really likes Gibbett Hill and took me there for a date. It ended being a really pivotal point in our relationship!" ~ Steven D. 

"Lots of memories over my 10+ years living in the area, but one comes to mind. J had so much fun snowshoeing up to Bancroft Castle and having Belgian waffles and hot cocoa during Covid. Happy Anniversary!" ~ Jessica S. 

"I was one of the original opening crew. Worked there for years and have MANY fond memories not to mention, continue to have work dreams. So incredibly glad that Gibbet is still as amazing as it was when it changed our lives." ~ Brandi D. 

"Oh Gibbet Hill, I found you when I was looking for a place for our wedding. We visited tried the food-Amazing by the way, saw the beautiful grounds and the cattle, (my grandfather was a dairy farmer) and me and my husband got married at Gibbet Hill in 2015 in the fall! All the staff involved in our wedding made it perfect! Really could not have picked a better location! We continue to go back at least once a year for our anniversary to enjoy the food. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. ❤️" ~ Brandy S. 

"Gibbet Hill is a fabulous anniversary spot for my husband and I❤️. Every August we celebrate with you." ~ Kim M. 

"We got married at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in April 2023. Our friends and family still talk about how delicious the food was at our wedding! We attended a few dinners at the Gibbet Hill Grill to celebrate our engagement, booking our wedding venue, and now we look forward to returning to the restaurant every year to celebrate our yearly wedding anniversary!" ~ Leah M. 

"My husband and I got married in Brazil on February 29th 2016. For our “first” anniversary we had dinner at the Gibbet Hill Grill on February 29th 2020. Right after that we went to the whole shut down because of the pandemic. This just made us think how important is to celebrate good things in life in the best places and create wonderful memories! Thank you Gibbet Hill Grill for being part of our story!" ~ Thayse B. 

"My favorite memory so far at Gibbett Hill is getting lunch and celeberatory drinks at the bar with my fiance last May after booking The Barn at Gibbett Hill as our wedding venue for October 2025!" ~ Fae R

"On our first trip to Gibbet Hill, my then girlfriend and I witnessed a beautiful proposal on the back lawn after a rainstorm under a RAINBOW! I knew from that moment that Gibbet Hill would be a special place for us for the foreseeable future. We'll be getting married at the Barn on October 6th this year!" ~ Ed H. 

"In 2015, I had two firsts at your restaurant - my first visit to Gibbet Hill (and certainly not my last) and the first time I met my mother-in-law. My husband took me there for dinner on my last Birthday and I was delighted he selected your restaurant. Keep up the amazing work."  ~ Margie C. 

"My husband and I moved to Groton two years ago, and we came to lunch at Gibbet Hill after signing the purchase and sale. The food, staff and atmosphere solidified that we had made the right choice to move to the community, and two years later, we continue to feel this way!" ~ Kristen G. 

"We’ve celebrated my mom’s birthday here SO many times and 2 or 3 years ago she decided this would be her birthday dinner location for all her years going forward <3" ~ Kate C. 

"We always celebrate specials occasions at Gibbet but my favorite memory is celebrating my first Mother’s Day in May 2022." ~ Emily F. 

"My favorite memory at Gibbet Hill would probably be our first visit about ten years ago, when we discovered our favorite restaurant of all time! We sat with the cows in perfect view and had the steak tips with Mac n cheese. All I could think was “why did I wait so long to come here? I grew up two towns away.” Since then, we have probably been back at least 100 times!! Best food, drinks and atmosphere." ~ Lauren H.

"My then boyfriend, Jared, and I found Gibbet Hill in 2006 on Valentine’s Day. He surprised me with reservations and he was determined to get us there in near blizzard conditions. That night, we enjoyed an outstanding meal and closed Gibbet Hill. After our engagement in 2006, we decided to make Gibbet Hill our annual Valentine’s Day spot. Later in 2008, May 25th to be exact, we got married and had our reception at The Barn. Everything about that day was beautiful; everything we have ever wished of. In addition to every February 14th, we also added May 25th to our annual dinner reservations at The Grill.  For the last 18 and 16 years we don’t always have a reservation on the exact day, but always the week of considering our busy schedules and having 3 children. Even with hospitalizations and babies being born, we have never missed a year! In 2020, when we couldn’t have dinner in the dining room on our anniversary we decided to have dinner on the property. We sat in the field by the pond and ordered take out, which was a fun way to celebrate and continue our tradition! We have so many wonderful memories of Gibbet Hill and hope we continue this tradition for years to come!"  ~ Jaclyn P. 

"Have enjoyed many dinners at Gibbet Hill. One of my favorite memories is after dinner my grandson Patrick and I rolled down the grass hill outside and visited the cows. It was 2020 and we had enjoyed a simple dinner in the big barn. It was a fun time by all." ~ Carole A. 

"We don't have many pictures (although I will submit a couple), but one of the bright spots in our COVID time was Gibbet HIll and the pop-ups that we offered. Having a newborn and a toddler in 2020 was really hard--we so appreciated the family friendly, safe, casual, delicious outdoor BBQ experience and then Max's in the winter for a much, much, MUCH needed parents night out. I think that Gibbet Hill probably viewed those as a necessity for business, but we talk about those memories ALL the time and I don't think you realize how much we all needed it as well. Thank you!"  ~ Jessica F.

"Our first child was born on the same day Gibbet Hill opened. Every year since, she has celebrated her birthday at the restaurant, including having her high school graduation luncheon there."  ~ Amy K. 

"My fiancé and I were just beginning our wedding planning in January 2005 and we came across The Barn. We instantly fell in love with the architecture and the friendly and welcoming attitude of the staff. There were only 2 Saturdays still available that first summer you did weddings and we didn’t even wait until we got home to call back and book. Since then, we have celebrated our anniversaries and our graduations on the hill with you. Every time we visit, there is always a wedding going on and we just know the couple will be as happy as we are almost 20 years later!" ~ Michelle S. 

"I first came to Gibbet Hill in 2019. I came in by myself and had dinner. There was a wedding going on and the only seat they had was a bar table. So I chose to sit there and watch the wedding. I didn’t see them get married but the kids were running around in their nice clothes and they were all wearing their wedding clothes as they ran up and down the hill. I ordered a beef dish and the waitress was so accommodating because I had allergies to peanuts and soy. She kept asking me if I could change my order because the ingredients weren’t allergy free. She really watched out for me and was nice as could be. I had the blueberry dessert which was delicious and it made my day just visiting. I have since come back twice and as always great service, atmosphere and food. Thanks for being here." ~ Marianne W. 

"I grew up playing soccer across the street at the Lawrence Academy fields. Our moms would occasionally enjoy a drink at your bar and chat about how beautiful it would be if their daughters got married there one day. In 2018 my husband and I were married at the Barn, and to say my mom was thrilled is an understatement! We have been back for every anniversary, and several other special occasions, since. Yes, including your wonderful outdoor setup in the fall of 2020! It was wonderful to still be able to visit our special place in the midst of a very difficult year. I can always bet on delicious food and great service. Cheers to 20 years!" ~ Blair D. 

"My husband and I have celebrated nearly every wedding anniversary here for the last 10 years. We always end our night with milk and cookies too. It’s such a special place for us and the food is always exceptional." ~ Alyssa S. 

"My husband and I had our first date at Gibbet Hill in January 2008. It was a blind date! Needless to say, it was a great first date (must have been the contributing atmosphere and meal) and we got married at the Barn in July 2010. Gibbet Hill is where we celebrate every anniversary, my birthday, and any other special event worthy of an amazing meal with fantastic surroundings. We just rented the silo for a special 50th birthday dinner for my husband. Here’s to 20 more Gibbet Hill!!"  ~ Andrea A. 

"We have been enjoying meals at gibbet hill for about 15 years…anniversaries, pregnancies, birthdays and date nights. The food is always delicious and the atmosphere is welcoming and cozy. A memory that stands out as well is my children rolling down the hill after a meal as the sun is setting during the summertime. The setting is a wonderful spot for photos too! Happy 20th anniversary to you! Can’t wait to come back." ~ Emily M. 

"The land around the restaurant is like being in a painting. Peaceful, beautiful. To look out and see the hills with the cows strolling along, you don’t get this at many restaurants. Oh, and the food, is always delicious and service is with a smile. 10 out of 10!! Congratulations to your 20th" ~ Judy M. 

"Eleven years ago was truly a life changing moment when I was married on the Gibbet Hill lawn. Thank you for all you do! We frequently visit on special occasions and date nights." ~Kaitlin R. 

"I love coming to Gibbett on a warm summers night or winter day, Summers offer a variety of fresh scents of the fields and winter the beauty of warmth of a fireplace. We love great food and presentation along with signature cocktails." ~ Priscilla S. 

"We have always loved Gibbet Hill Grill, and right before my due date with our first baby in 2018 … we said let’s go for one more meal out! I was SO uncomfortable and tried to be a good sport and walk to see the cows and just couldn’t do it. We ended up having to leave dinner early because I couldn’t sit in a chair any longer … little did I know I was in early labor and went to the hospital the next day!! Whenever we have a babysitter now, you can find us at the bar enjoying a delicious steak and a cocktail! Congratulations to all of you!" ~ Erin C. 

"My husband and I hosted our rehearsal dinner upstairs and it was one of the best nights of our lives to have our most loved people all together with wonderful food and service. We come back every year and reminisce and now get to tell our kids about the special night we had all of our family together upstairs for our wedding." ~ Cecilia M.

"10 years ago my wife Amanda and I got married in the restaurant. We rented the restaurant and Mary (the manager) was amazing. She helped make our memorable day even that much more special. We had a perfect day at an amazing location. We return every year on that day for a special meal."  ~ Shawn O.

"My partner and I purchased our first home, in Groton in 2006. We finished a looooong day of moving and painting and, being new to town, asked our real estate agent where we could get something to eat. "Gibbet Hill is the PLACE", she said. We arrived, exhausted, in dusty, dirty, sweaty, paint-covered sweatpants, not expecting a beautiful classy restaurant unfolding before us. Whoops. I scurried up to the hostess and whispered that we were underdressed and is it OK if we stay? She was incredibly gracious and said we were perfectly welcomed, but also agreed to my request to be tucked into the darkest corner booth near the bar like the little grubs we were! We ate well beyond our fill, and felt so welcomed to our new town. And I promise that for the next 18 years worth of visits, we were showered and dressed for public consumption!" ~ Shannon F. 

"Gibbet Hill is my favorite restaurant. Our first visit was Father’s Day 4 years ago and I loved it more than any other restaurant we have been too! My wife then surprised me with a 50th birthday party there a year later and it was an amazing event! I make sure we come for my birthday and Father’s Day every year now!!"  ~ Rob B. 

"We have been coming to your restaurant since it opened! We have celebrated many milestones over the years, but our most memorable was celebrating our 20th Anniversary this past September 20th during one of your Farm to Table Dinners. It was FANTASTIC! We can't wait to attend another this year!"  ~ Christie N. 

"As someone who suffers from gluten sensitivity, I would like to thank Gibbet Hill Grill from the bottom of my heart for always taking care of those of us with food restrictions. I've even had your mangers and staff double and triple check with me, to make sure that my food choices are safe. That level of customer service is so unusual and makes Gibbet Hill feel like "home' to me. It is certainly one of my happy places."  ~Patti A

"This is only restaurant my dad will come when he visits, simply because the view reminds him of his time in Italy on the farm. He hasn’t been back since he was a child, so this place reminds him of his family and home. Thank you for 20 years and wish you many more!"  ~ Deanna K.

"Gibbet, let me count the ways how I love you , I loved the moment I got interviewed by the amazing managers to the moment I got hired to work with a strong hand-picked team and so proud to work for a wonderful family that had turned around the land and barn into some thing so special that the community and surrounding communities would be enjoying for years to come. Their vision was amazing, and still is . I was very fortunate to work there. Very fortunate to work along side of good friends and last but certainly not least their food is out of the park, Delicious. I look forward to dining there every single time. cheers to 20 years and thanks for the memories an future ones to come."  ~ Lori B.

"Any visit at Gibbet Hill is a cherished and unforgettable one! In 2023, I got engaged to my high school sweetheart right outside the doors of Gibbet Hill, and it meant the world to me. Gibbet Hill is a place with quality food, amazing service and is overall a heartwarming community! The atmosphere they create is incredible and I’m so grateful for Gibbet Hill. We hope to have our wedding at The Barn!" ~ Ariana E.

"I have so many memories over the years. My husband and I first learned of GHG for a friends wedding. We loved it so much we come back frequently for dinner at our favorite place. We’ve now introduced others to your restaurant and all with rave reviews. The be time we will always remember is taking our parents for the first time. There was snow predicted but we didn’t live far and decided to still go. When we got there we got the silo room with the snow falling outside. It was beautiful. Then had a heck of a ride home in what turned out to be one heck of a storm! We will always come back to Gibbit for celebrations in the future and are big fans of the filet mignon and creme brûlée! Hopefully the next time our parents join us it won’t be in a snow storm!"  ~ Courtney L.

"My husband and I celebrate all our milestones at your restaurant. Birthday’s Anniversaries. But the most special was our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Your staff gave us a complimentary champagne toast and there was a wedding happening outside on the lawn. 🍾 🥂"  ~ Donna B.

"We have celebrated many special occasions and date nights out at your restaurant! It is our go-to for a fantastic meal, beautiful ambience, with so much attention to detail in food and drink presentation. We recently celebrated my mother’s 70th birthday there, which made many meaningful memories for our whole family! I’ll attach some photos of our time at your restaurant!"  ~ Micaela F.

"On December 14, 2013 we got married in a snow storm! One foot of snow! All of our guests still talk about it today! What a magical night full of memories we cherish, complete with gorgeous snow photos!"  ~ Caitlyn J.

"I had my second date with my now fiancé at your pop up restaurant GBQ back in 2020. Wonderful food and an equally amazing location and atmosphere."  ~ Jacob S. 

"Congrats on 20 magical years. Our family celebrates every special occasion at Gibbet. I could not imagine a world without your wonderful restaurant."  ~ Jeffrey R.

"20 years ago I proposed to my wife at your "new" restaurant. We have been coming back regularly since that day and love the food and charm and staff. Oh, and she said yes!"  ~ Daniel G.

Let me think of the BEST word of the day....extraordinary - From our wedding at the Barn in 2016, to many memorable (another word of the day) dinners: our first wedding anniversary, celebrating a pregnancy with Aunties to Be, our first Father's Day (Covid style outside), celebrating an engagement, a 50th birthday, our son's first Farmhouse Grilled Cheese appetizer and many other fantastic (word of the day) date nights or girl's days in between ♥️ Gibbet Hill will always be a part of our family's memories."  ~ Sara T.

"Celebrated several anniversaries with my love here, including this year's. We also made it a tradition to come every December to see the amazing gingerbread houses. Truly a beautiful place with the most delicious food that means so much to us."  ~ Erin S. 

"The celebrations! Our family tradition for my Dad and my birthdays was to go to Nashoba valley winery and then Gibbet hill for dinner. We got to experience Gibbet hill for the fall and summer seasons this way. From bonding over the grilled cheese and tomato soup to the delicious cobbler it was my families favorite place to celebrate. Moving out of the area was the saddest day for us."  ~ Bridget B.

"Congrats! 20 YEARS! Gibbet Hill has a very special place in my heart and my life. It's where I got my first job at the age of 15. I say that with pride, because it was a very special place to spend 15 years of my life. I went through many milestones with those buildings and the amazing coworkers. I met my husband, Keith in the Grill Kitchen, got married while employed there, bought our family home, & I had my first baby girl while I worked for The Barn. I learned so much from all the managers there, especially, Tom Totman. There are times that I still play his words "moments of truth" through my mind & utilize the skill set that he taught me in everyday life. I will never forget all the laughs & memories I have from that special part of my life. Way to go! I love & miss you all!"  ~ Jess G.

"Our family had shared so many special milestones at Gibbet Hill. Two family weddings, my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, our daughter’s first birthday, and completing the Cattle Run last year. We are so grateful to have such a special space to share these moments in the town we grew up in."  ~ Jenna D.

"I remember going to Gibbet Hill and enjoying a beautiful summer evening stroll and dinner. The view of the countryside was so relaxing . The waitress and staff were so friendly and very attentive. We enjoyed every morsel."  ~ Priscilla S.

Gibbet has become our family’s special spot. We have watched my daughter literally grow up in the same booth at the bar. We’ve shared so many special memories between the 3 of us in that middle booth on the left. I’m attaching some pics from over the years in what we like to think of as “our” booth ❤️"  ~ Nicole T.


"From sunsets on the hills to baby cattle at the top of the hill, delicious food at the Grill, GBQ and the barn. Countless memories with friends- my time at Gibbet Hill has given endless beautiful moments that still hold a special place in my heart. ...Working for the Barn was one of the best work experiences I ever had...I still cherish each & every memory and reminiscence every special moment working for the Webber Restaurant Group....It gave me the chance to be excited to go to work every night because I knew it was going to be fun. I will never forget the winter of 2022... working a set-up shift...and an hour into my shift felt as though something bad was going to happen. I ran downstairs to Andrea and expressed how unwell that I was feeling...Andrea provided me with crackers, ginger ale and told me to go back home to rest. Andrea told me to make sure I felt 100% before going back to work. No employer that I have ever worked for in the past was as compassionate and caring as Andrea was towards me that day. It goes to show how much they value and care about their staff. Seeing the evolution and expansion of all of the Restaurants over the years has been absolutely amazing. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for everyone!"  ~ Ashley R.

"On October 27, 2004, two weeks after we opened, the Red Sox won the world series for the first time in 86 years.  Once the Wednesday dinner crowd thinned out, the volume was turned up on the TV, and about 20 people including Tom and all the Webbers watched the curse end.  Champagne was popped and everyone, staff and guests, toasted the world champs. It remains to this day the only on-premise embrace of the Webber brothers in our 20-year history." ~ Jed Webber, Owner

"During these last 20 years, Gibbet Hill has always had a communal feeling to it, a community that not only supports one another but also genuinely enjoys life more as we share memories.  When COVID 19 struck and we were forced to stop welcoming the community into the Grill, we lost that feeling.  We were able to continue serving the community through curbside dining, but it was not easy.  It was physically and mentally exhausting to work as take away establishment along side the same 6 people, the same 5 nights every week and we had little contact with our community.  What kept us going and what put a smile on our faces were those brief moments on the phone with people and when we walked out to the curb with the hot meals and received the thankful greetings from our guests.  Our community was so genuinely thankful for us keeping ourselves going that when I felt the most exhausted and reaching for the Advil, I was still able to feel rewarded that our work didn’t go unnoticed and that what we did every night was worth all the effort.   One of the fondest memories I have from that time was when we distributed all the gratuities we had been collecting for our staff, to our staff.  We split up all the cash, thousands of dollars of thank you money from our guests, and we invited our staff to swing by for curbside payouts.  It was the first time in many weeks we had seen our team that we love SO much, and we were able to hand them some money at a time when they needed it most.  It makes me feel warm inside just the memory of those moments.  It gave me faith that the pandemic would end some day and we would have our community back, better than ever.  And I was right.  Thank you all for being part of our community, it truly is a special place for all of us." ~ Tom Totman, Chief Operating Officer

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